Skyline Ranch

Elegant living with open space in west Jackson Hole

Live in an early Jackson Hole subdivision planned for its amazing location between Jackson and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Fall in love with perfect and impactful Teton views across the verdant swathe of Puzzle Face Ranch. Skyline Ranch is so good that real estate in the neighborhood rarely turns over.

On spacious lots from one to four acres, you can find well-kept older homes, spectacular new homes worth millions of dollars or bare property that will let you decide what’s best for you.

Many homes in the neighborhood nestle in a picturesque forest, while others opt for big views of the Snake River and its picturesque plain and/or the Grand Teton Range over the artful haylines often present at Puzzleface Ranch.

But wherever you choose, Skyline Ranch will feel like the home you always wanted.

Skyline Ranch subdivision history

Skyline Ranch real estate has a unique and somewhat amusing history started when two men in Wilson’s famous Stagecoach Bar decided to buy the 600-acre property together in 1966 for $600,000.

The co-op purchase sounded like a good idea in the bar, but within 24 hours John Morgan realized his proposed partner Billy Saunders didn’t have that kind of money.

Undeterred, Morgan sent a telegraph to Pete Jorgenson and a new partnership came to life.

Though better off than the original partnership, this duo was still strapped for cash and couldn’t make their first payment. That unfortunate reality necessitated help from Harry Baker at Jackson State Bank, who became the third partner.

By 1967, the trio parceled out 41 different one-acre lots and sold them for a mere $4,500 each.

Over the next 21 years, they continued selling lots at escalating prices until the final 3 to 4 acre lots sold at $10,000 per acre. That represented 10 times what they’d paid for it.

Even those prices are a mere sliver of current prices, indicating what a sound investment real estate at Skyline Ranch can be.

Part of the value of Skyline Ranch comes from its open space, which was never a foregone conclusion.

In 1978, Morgan, Jorgenson and Baker realized the development could lose much of its appeal if density climbed in the 400 acres remaining to develop at the time. They were even worried a gas station would come into the neighborhood, now prized for its solitude despite being sited along a highway minutes from the town of Jackson.

So they took the forward-thinking approach of donating a 200-acre meadow to the Nature Conservancy. On the far side of the butte where Skyline Ranch sits, the Morgans held onto 200 acres situated along the Snake River. That will also be protected land under the Jackson Hole Land Trust.

The 400 acres of conserved property mean that only a third of Skyline Ranch is developed while the rest will remain wild and pristine.

And it all started in a bar.

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